– Activate your Citibank Debit/Credit Card Online Now! is the official website by Citibank for their customers to activate their cards they just received on their mail online.

Here in this page, we explain you how to do just that on their website and also has their customer service info in here.

But, if you’re already familiar with the card activation process, you can use the website link given below to go right into website.

If not, and you need a heads up on this, you can read on to your step by step guide for that, where we explain you how to do just that and more.

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How to activate your Citi card online?

Follow the steps given below to activate your Citibank card online:

  1. Visit the official website from Citi to activate credit cards first, which is Here’s the direct link for that:
  2. Here on the next page, you will be asked your new credit card details.
  3. Enter those and click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Now, you will be asked some more details.
  5. Enter those and click on the “Finish” button.
  6. Your card will be activated and you will be able to use the card anywhere you please.

Need help activating your Citi card?

If you ran into any issues with activating your Citi card online, you get in touch with Citibank’s customer support for cardactivation Citi com.

Here’s the toll free customer support phone number for com:

1860 210 2484

About Citibank

Citibank is a US bank belonging to the Citigroup group, one of the largest banks in the world. It offers all types of financial products, including Citibank credit cards, using which it is possible to finance purchases and obtain cash instantly. You can comfortably pay in installments the money financed with Citibank credit cards, as well as decide how much to pay each month.

If you need to obtain urgent financing, Citibank credit cards offer you the solution, being able to obtain it without changing banks. In addition, the Citi Gold credit card has no annual fee so that you will get it for free.

How to apply for Citibank credit cards?

To apply for free Citibank credit cards, you just have to fill in the online application form of the Citi credit card with your personal data, and they will contact you in a few minutes to give you the answer to it.

It is not necessary to open an account in Citibank to obtain the Citi Gold credit card, so it is obtained merely and free of charge, just by completing a request through the Internet. You will have to associate the card of one of your bank accounts and return them signed documentation that they will send you by mail to activate it. After that, you will be able to operate it.

How to get fast credits through the Citi Gold credit card?

With Citibank credit cards, in addition to being able to pay your purchases in installments and thus obtain financing automatically, you can obtain cash through ATMs or transfers to a current account. In this way, you can get immediate money in the form of cash without having to apply for quick credits.

To do this, you simply have to enter the Citi Gold credit card at an ATM. You will have the money immediately, and this will go to the credit consumed by the card, being able to pay it in monthly installments in which you decide how much you pay.

As we have said before, it is possible to carry out the credit transfer operation of the Citi Gold card to the associated current account, having the money in it immediately, which is another way of obtaining credit through this card.

Modes of payment of Citi Gold credit cards

One of the advantages of Citibank credit cards is that you decide how much to pay each month, choosing between one of the following modalities:

  • Pay a percentage of the credit used.
  • Pay a fixed monthly amount, defining yours.
  • Pay the total at the end of the month.

It is possible to change the payment method once a month through the Citibank website or by phone. In case of postponement of payment, the interest rates applied by the card are 24% TIN (27.24% APR).

Advantages of the Citi Gold card

The Citibank credit cards are a way to get financing easily and immediately, because you can finance all your purchases or get cash through an ATM him out on credit, giving back the money in easy monthly installments and paying whatever you want a month. You decide what you want to spend each month, being able to choose between paying the total of the credit obtained, a percentage of it or a fixed amount that you decide.

The Citi Gold credit card is free and has no annual fee, so you can get it and use it whenever you need it. It is an excellent option to have a means of immediate financing since you can hire it for free and use it when you need quick money.

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