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getcardbalance is the official website from Vanilla MasterCard Gift card for their card users to check their gift card balance online, get card info, block their card and more.

I guess you must have known that already, right?

If you don’t know how to check the balance online, read on for the step by step guide we have on this page. Read on for that.

If you know that already and just want to visit the get card balance website, click here.

Now, if you’re looking for that guide, read on. Also check the getcardbalance website’s info down below. In case you want help with the website, you can also contact Vanilla for help. We’ve their customer support info also in this page.


 Website Name GetCardBalance
 Website URL
Brand Vanilla
Website Link Click Here

How to check Vanilla MasterCard Gift card balance online?

Follow the given below steps to know how to check your Vanilla MasterCard balance online on getcardbalance website.

  1. Click on the below given button to access the official website of Vanilla MasterCard gift card to check the balance, which is
  2. Now, you’ll see that you’re asked to enter these below given details about your card:
    1. Card number
    2. Expiration date
    3. CVVgetcardbalance
  3. Enter these details and click on the red arrow button given on the right side of the page.
  4. Now, you’ll be taken to the dashboard of your account, where you’ll be able to see more details about your account such as your card balance, change PIN, and more.

About Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card

A Gift card is a prepaid card having stored-value-money-card, which is generally used as an alternate mode of transaction for making purchases in a particular outlet .It is generally issued by retailer or bank .The issuing of these cards are part of marketing strategy so as to entice customers to come again to the store. They are sometimes popularly known as cash cards. Visa and MasterCard credit cards do offer generic gift cards, which are widely accepted at partner retail outlets as part of cash back marketing strategies.

Vanilla MasterCard Gift card has various distinctive and impressive features like the funds can be enjoyed at leisure , funds do not expire , it’s really convenient and secure to use, can be used both online and offline, no personal information or credit check requirement is there, no fees Is levied after purchases, its gest activated immediately. Vanilla Gift cards can be used anywhere where visa debit cards, debit master cards and discover cards are accepted as mode of payment in US and District of Columbia.

Vanilla MasterCard Gift card includes these steps to be used online .Online merchants use ZIP code for checkout which can simply be assigned by logging into your account and selecting ‘ managing card’ and ‘Assign ZIP code’, which offers the feature to generate it for first time user or update it for existing user. Checkout can be done by simply putting in the card details at the time of checkout. The personal information is never associated with Giftcard.It can be used on vast number of portals with various merchants inside the United States and District of Columbia where all other Visa Debit Cards, Debit MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted.

There are number of method for using Vanilla MasterCard Gift card in store, first one is simply presenting the card to cashier while making payment. One can finalize their purchase as a signature transaction, simply choose the credit option and sign the receipt. Lastly the transaction can be processed as debit one and Debit option can be chosen and PIN can be entered and transaction can be completed.

Here are some tips and tricks for users of Vanilla MasterCard Gift card. Balance of Gift card can simply be checked by logging into the account and selecting the appropriate option, this should ideally be done before making any purchase since using the card without appropriate balance can get the transaction declined.

In a situation where the purchase amount is more than the balance on card, payment can be split between gift card with the balance it has and remaining by any other method like cash, credit card or debit card.Card information like card number, expiry date, CVV and customer care phone number should be noted and safely stored in case of emergencies like theft or loss of card. In case of hold on card for amount greater than purchase it will last until transaction is finalized and can last up to 7 days.

Need Help with Get Card Balance?

Having issues with

Get in touch with their customer support using the details given below.

Below given is the toll free number for Vanilla MasterCard gift card:

1 800 680 5938


I hope you were able to check you balance on getcardbalance using the steps we mentioned in this page. Don’t forget to comment down your opinion about this and if you came across any issues with the process. We’ll try to find the resolution for that.

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