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mygiftcardsite is the official website of US Bank gift card to check your balance, manage your account and more online. You can also use it to manage your gift card, block the card and even unblock it.

We know you’re here to login to mygiftcardsite website, you can just visit the site by following the details given down below.

But, in case you want instructions for that down below, it can get complicated at times. Read on!


 Website Namemygiftcardsite
 Website URL
BrandUS Bank
Website LinkClick Here

Before proceeding to, you need these:

Take a look at the prerequisites for the for this. Make sure you’re having the stuff in this list so that you don’t need to search for these when you’re in the portal:

  • Your Credit Card
  • Your social security number (just in case)

How to check your US Bank gift card balance using

Follow the below given steps to check you US Bank gift card balance:

  1. First, visit by clicking on the button linked below.
  2. Now, once you’re on the bp credit card page, you’ll be asked for two things:
    1. Card Number
    2. Card Security
  3. Enter both and also enter the security code correctly on the box when asked.
  4. Now, click on the “Log In” button.
  5. Now, you’ll be taken to your account where you can see the account details including my gift card site balance, other account details and manage your account in this page.

About US Bank Gift Card

Nothing can be better than giving a US bank gift card to someone special. The complete flexibility, convenience, functionality and dynamism will definitely give more happiness to the recipient. It lets them by things of their choice in their desired stores. Hope the given stuff will be helpful.

A normal gifting option can result in wrong colour, size or product. However, by using a US bank gifting card, the recipient can avail the benefits of entertainment, restaurant, shopping venues and online shops without any special terms and conditions. The highly convenient gift card can range from silver to Gold depending upon the variety chosen by you.

The activation and registration process depends upon the type of card package selected. Registration is utmost compulsory for availing the real benefits of the card. Just swipe the card at the terminal and purchase the required commodities at the price deducted from the card. So in other words, you make payments through the gift card instead of cash on the shopping venue.

The nationwide acceptability where millions of stores let you good from them through the US bank gift cards makes it quite convenient to use them. The cards are accepted online, offline, retail shops and even on phone. The fund available in the card is immediately deducted from the overall balance. Make sure that the card is used before the expiry date.

We all have a tendency to look for something that coming with unique benefits and lesser restrictions. And fortunately there is a thing called us bank gift card that has worldwide acceptance and can be gifted to everyone whom you love. Both receiver and the giver can get exceptionally benefits to the convincing offers of the gift card.

The gifts that can be attained through PayPal account and bank accounts. With no expanded verification formalities, you can attend the gift cards in few simple steps. Us gift cards has enormously had the bank to maintain better relationships with old and new customers. In fact for special banking services, the gift cards acts as the best option. You are a reliable tool for attracting new customers and creating a better brand awareness.

The US bank gifted has a unique logo and design which reflects the credibility of the bank. It is a great marketing tool that let’s Shoppers buy things with great flexibility and convenience. It is expected that the gift cards will continue to attract more customers each day. The virtual wallet in form of a gift card holds a particular value. The customers can purchase items up to that particular value and then they have to pay a price for it. Also, the tailor made gift cards comprise of name, address and even pictures of the recipients which makes them more tantalizing.

The U.S. bank gift cards additionally give a certain percentage of discounts on the shopping done through it. Hence, the givers can get the gift card at 10 – 20% discounts on the face value.

Need Help with My Gift Card site login?

You might require some help regarding login in mygiftcardsite login. If you need help, do contact their customer support:

Below given is the customer support phone number of US Bank for gift cards:


You can also get in touch with their mail support if you prefer that. Click here to contact them using their contact form, they’ll get back to you soon.


You must have logged in to your mygiftcardsite account by now and got access to your balance and more in your account. If you’ve something to share about them, comment down on the comments.

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