mykfcexperience – Complete the My KFC Experience survey & get a FREE Go Cup!

mykfcexperience is the name of KFC’s customer experience survey, in which they ask the customers like you about your opinion about them and get rewarded for the opinion.

For my KFC experience survey, they’re giving you a FREE Go cup on your next visit when you purchase any drink.

Now, if you want to just start the survey, check the tables given below.

If not, and you’re new with this, read on. We have a step by step guide on how to complete mykfcexperience survey.


 Website Namemykfcexperience
 Website URL
Website LinkClick Here

How to complete KFC Experience survey online?

Follow the below given steps to complete the my KFC experience survey:

  1. Visit the official website of KFC survey, which is by clicking on the link given below. 
  2. On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter these:
    1. Survey code
    2. Time of visitmykfcexperience survey
  3. You can view these from the store receipt you’ve with you.
  4. Now, after entering these two, click on the “Start” button.
  5. The KFC experience survey will start now.
  6. Next you’ll be asked about some questions like:
    1. Availability of your desired item.
    2. Ease of finding your item.
    3. Staff cooperativeness.
    4. Store cleanliness.
    5. and more..
  7. Give your honest opinion about these questions and rate them.
  8. And click on “Next” button.
  9. Now, you’ll be asked about your contact details, enter those.
  10. And you’ll be given a validation code for the KFC guest experience survey on the next page. Write it down on your store receipt and bring it with you the next time you visit KFC.

About KFC


Almost 70 years ago a chief created a miracle recipe with chicken, secret spices and herbs which soon became world’s favourite.  KFC is one of the brands of America which has a history of decade long success.

It started in Kentucky; presently there are lot of KFC store all over USA. To find your nearby KFC store just go to the website and type your Zip code and KFC store in your vicinity will be shown on your screen.

KFC delivers a wide range of chicken menu like Nashville hot chicken, Georgia gold, original recipe bucket, extra crispy bucket; Kentucky grilled chicken bucket, chicken pop corns, and chicken go cups. For sandwiches they deliver Chicken Little’s and chicken crunch. For meals one can opt for bucket meals, $10 bucket share, big box meals, combos and KFC kid’s meal.

They have a very interesting $5 fill ups like drum stick and thighs, extra crispy tender, chicken breast, pot pie, famous chicken. For the slides you can get green beans, Cole slaw, Mac n Cheese, whole kennel corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, potato wedges and biscuits. In classic menu you get pot pie and KFC famous bowl.

They serve some delicious desserts like cakes and biscuits. To check the nutritional value of KFC food you can visit the web page and click on nutrition calculator and enter your basket name and nutrition per serving will be displayed on the right hand side of their page. For detailed nutrition calculator on the entire menu you can visit interactive nutrition menu page.

In KFC chickens are and breaded and are not fast grown. The cook inspects each and every piece of fresh batch of chicken. Then the chickens are rolled in secret herbs and then cooked. to order KFC food online just go the catering page and select this is my first time option and enter your zip code if you are first time customer else you select I am back option and enter your email id and password and order your favourite menu then confirm your order and pay for it.

KFC also provide franchise opportunity to build your own business not only in USA but also all over the world. KFC provides a lucrative career opportunity to the deserving candidates for restaurants and corporate as well. For restaurants they have positions like team manager, KFC general manager, KFC restaurant manager, KFC shift supervisor etc., in different locations all over the country.

For the corporate they have positions like facility leader, manager quality assurance, executive assistant legal, solution architect, web and mobile application developer, senior manager restaurant leader IT development and Intern. For corporate positions are only in Louisville.

KFC runs Reach Grant programme for its employees to pursue higher education, in which they receive money to attend any accredited college for two to four years course.  They can also use the money to go for any vocational or trade school for graduate study. KFC foundation also offers new personal finance programme, MyChange to KFC restaurant employees of US.

Need Help with KFC Experience survey?

Do you need help with the KFC feedback survey? Or are you facing any difficulties completing the survey?

Just contact their customer support, they’ll help you with anything.

Below given is their toll free customer support phone number:


You can also contact them using their customer support email address given below:

[email protected]


Have you completed the mykfcexperience survey? And did you face any issues during the survey? Let us know on the comment section below.

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