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Prepaidcardstatus is the website to check various options of your prepaid card such as your available card balance, find answers to frequently asked card questions, update your card or wallet profile and view and print transaction history.

You must’ve known about what it is already if you’re here for login to prepaid card status.

If you know how to login, you can click on the table given below to access the official website of

If you don’t, you can follow our step by step guide for prepaidcardstatus and also the info for their custoemr support given below.


 Website Nameprepaidcardstatus
 Website URL
Website LinkClick Here

How to login to Prepaidcardstatus?

Here is a step by step guide on logging in to

  1. Visit the official website of prepaidcardstatus by clicking on the button given below.
  2. Here, you can see it is asking for you to log in. But you can log in to prepaidcardstatus com using two ways:
    1. Your card details.
    2. Your wallet username and password.
  3. If you choose to use the card details, enter what is asked and click on the blue “Log In” button.
  4. If you want to use your wallet username and password, click on the link below the Log In button saying “Use wallet username“.
  5. Now you’ll be asked to enter your wallet username and password. Enter both correctly and click on the “Log In” button.
  6. You will now be logged in to your prepaid card status account.

Need help with Prepaidcardstatus?

If you find yourself lost or are in doubt with anything regarding prepaid card status, you can contact their customer service.

Here’s the customer service toll-free number of

+1 (866) 230-3809

You can also contact them using a contact form. Which you can access by click on the “Contact Customer Support” button on the official website.

About Bancorp

The Bancorp Bank and Its history

The Bancorp Bank is a commercial bank oriented to the sustainable development of the country, and this is to contribute to the generation of formal work through the business sector, strengthen the health of personal finances and help reduce the environmental impact. It does this through financial advice to the business sector and to people who are interested in carrying stable finances.

This advice consists of a long-term relationship with your clients; based on trust, mutual respect, and reciprocity. This relationship is guaranteed by the objectivity and closeness of the human team.

The bank belongs to a German financial group that supports it, and for this reason, it is subject to both local and German regulations. He started his activities in Ecuador in October 2001 under the name of Equatorial Financial Society, and in 2005 the Superintendence of Banks granted him the operating license as a bank, with an AAA- risk rating.

Bancorp, the new state lender

The Corporate Bank (Bancorp), belonging to the company Alba de Nicaragua SA (Albania), managed by operators linked to the presidential family and who manages the funds of the oil agreement with Venezuela, emerged this past November as a State lender.

On November 22, in La Gaceta, the Official Gazette of the State, agreement 216-2016 was published, in which the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit is ordered to register as public debt and pay 22.3 million (a little more than 756 thousand dollars at the current exchange rate) of a debt contracted by the Nicaraguan Water and Sewerage Company with Bancorp.

According to the presidential agreement, the concept of this payment was to settle a loan for the water and sanitation project in the Meson de la Isla de Ometepe, department of Rivas. The document does not provide details of the loan, such as the interest on the loan and the payment term. It is also unclear if the same was discussed by the Production and Economics Commission of the National Assembly, before being incorporated into the General Budget of the Republic 2016

The economist Adolfo Acevedo recalled that this same mechanism of establishing public debt payments without having been analyzed by the Economic Commission is similar to that used to settle loans granted by the Caruna, the savings cooperative that it also channeled funds from the oil agreement with Venezuela and is administered by representatives linked to the presidential family.

Created to handle holding funds

The Bancorp Constitution Authorization Request filed with the Siboif established that the financial institution would focus on managing the money of Alba companies, the investors’ companies and the bank’s clientele with whom it has contingent credit and trust relationships. They are also authorized to collect deposits from the public.

They are not interested in taking deposits from the public in general, mine, yours or any account holder. They are more interested in accepting deposits from the companies with whom they do business. It’s not that you as a depositor can open a deposit account; they want to (manage) loans that will be large loans.

Bancorp Bank Reviews


I hope you were able to login to prepaidcardstatus with ease and were able to check your account balance and more on the site. Do let us know your experience with the site in the comments section given below.


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