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surgecardinfo is the official website of Continental Finance’s Surge card for the card users to register their cards online and for paying their credit card bills online, statements, and more.

Here, you’ll find how to register your Surge card online and how to login to your account on surgecardinfo website easily.

If you want, you can directly visit the website directly by using the direct link given below.

But, if you’re new to this and was some assistance, read on for our step by step guide for the surgecardinfo on this page.


 Website Namesurgecardinfo
 Website URL
BankContinental Finance
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How to register your Surge card online?

Follow the steps given below to register your Surge card online:

  1. Click on the below given button to access (which redirects to, the official website of Surge card.
  2. On the next page, you’ll see an option called “Register Now“.
  3. Below that, you’ll be asked to enter your card details.
  4. Enter that and click on the “Submit” button given below.
  5. On the next page, you will be asked more questions to verify yourself and also to select a “PIN” for your card.
  6. Now, you will be asked to select a “Username” and “Password“.
  7. Do that and click on the “Register” button, your card will be now verified.

How to sign in to your Surge card online?

Follow the steps given below to sign in to your Surge card online account:

  1. Click on the button given below to access surgecardinfo website.
  2. Now on the next page, you’ll see an option to “Sign In“.
  3. Below that, you’ve to enter your “Username” and “Password“.
  4. Enter both and click on the “Submit” button.
  5. You will be signed in to your account.

Need Help with surgecardinfo?

In case you’re having issues with surgecardinfo com, you can get in touch with their customer support for help.

Here’s the customer support toll free number of Continental Finance for surgecardinfo:


About Continental Finance card

The Continental Finance MasterCard credit card is a credit card for people with bad credit. The Continental Finance MasterCard credit card comes with a Gold credit card and a Classic credit card. The difference between the two is the APR that Continental charges.

This card is intended for people who have gone through difficult credit times or seek to start building their credit history. We take a look at the rates and other aspects of this credit card.

Credit limit

Both the Gold and Classic credit cards have an initial credit limit of $ 300. However, due to the initial rate charged on the credit cards, the credit available for the Gold credit card is $ 75, and the credit available for the classic credit card is only $ 50.

The initial fee of Continental Finance Gold MasterCard

As soon as the credit card is issued, the rate will appear in your outstanding monthly balance.

This Peculiar type of ‘plastic’ can still have advantages.

  • Also to give an answer to this anxiety and, in some way, to monetize it, the banks promoted the prepaid cards, which only let spend the amount that has been previously entered. Its concept is located at the opposite end of the revolving that is, those plastics that offer the possibility of carrying out operations even if they do not have funds and let him choose the amount he wants to pay each month, even if it is in exchange for very high-interest rates.
  • On a prepaid card, the amount – usually a small amount – is available at any time and is what the customer has voluntarily charged through a cash deposit or charge to his account. This amount decreases as the user makes the payments. Until The successive recharge, the maximum amount that we can spend is the one we have decided.
  • The Continental Finance Gold MasterCard card allows consumers who may have been rejected by other credit cards companies due to a bad credit score or bad credit to have a second chance.
  • In addition, cardholders making timely payments and staying within their credit limits receive semi-annual credit limit increases.
  • Consumers wishing to apply for Continental Finance’s MasterCard Gold must be at least 18 years old (19 years in Alabama and Nebraska), be valid US residents.
  • If approved, you can usually expect your Continental Finance MasterCard Gold to arrive within ten business days.
  • Depending on your credit history, you may qualify for the Continental Finance Gold or Classic Card.
  • With the Gold Card, you get a $ 300 credit limit with initial available credit of $ 75. With the Classic card, you receive a $ 300 credit limit with an available initial credit of $ 50. The card offers an APR of 19.92 percent.
  • Continental Finance MasterCard Gold also charges an annual fee of $ 25, while the Continental Finance MasterCard Classic charges an annual fee of $ 50.
  • After the initial credit limit increase, additional increases of $ 75 per 180 days may occur, with a maximum credit limit of $ 2,000.

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