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TellSubway is the name of the customer satisfaction survey of Subway, where they ask their customers opinion about themselves and reward them in return for their opinion.

Here the rewards are FREE Cookies!

Now, if you want to just visit Tell Subway survey, check the website link given below.

If not, and you want to hang around for an in-depth how-to guide for tellsubway survey, read on!


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How to complete Tell Subway customer survey?

Here are the steps involved in completing the Tell Subway customer satisfaction survey, read on:

  1. First, you’ve to visit the official website of TellSubway survey, which is linked below. 
  2. Now, once you’re in the survey page, you’ll be first asked to enter the Subway store id, which is given on the receipt you’ve. tellsubway
  3. Enter the store number and press “SUBMIT” button.
  4. Next, you’ll be asked to enter the date and time of your visit, which is given on the store receipt alongside the Subway receipt number. Enter those in the space given.
  5. Now, you’ll be asked to enter the transaction ID given on the receipt. Enter those too.
  6. Now you’ll officially be in the Subway survey and the survey will start now.
  7. On the next page, you’ll be given some questions, for which you’ve to register your opinion.
  8. Mark your honest opinion about those questions and click on the “NEXT” button.
  9. Now on the next page, you’ll be asked about your contact details.
  10. Next, you’ll be given a validation code (also known as subway free cookie code), which you’ve to write down on your store receipt and bring along with you on your next visit to a Subway store.

About Subway

tell subway

Subway is fast food restaurant franchise that mainly deals in sandwiches and salads and based of America. It is largest chain of single brand restraint and also largest restraint operator in the world. It has its international headquarter located in Milford, Connecticut with five regional centers in Amsterdam, Brisbane, Beirut, Singapore and Miami supporting the international operations.

Subway’s USP and core product is submarine sandwich and additionally deals in wraps, salads, Paninis and baked food items as well. Subway’s best selling sandwich the B.M.T.  Have ingredients like peperoni, salami and ham. It also deals in breakfast sandwiches, English muffins andflatbreads. In November 2009, subway entered into a contract stating it exclusive right to serve Seattle’s best coffee in their breakfast menu in US. Subway customizes itsmenuoffering among countries particularly among ones where religious requirement takes priority over meal served.

In 2006 company ventures into kosher meal offering where soya based cheese products were offered and no pork was used. Similarly in New Delhi, India, they shunned the use of pork and beef keeping in mind the religious sentiments of Hindus and Muslims, and offer an extended range of vegetarian’s subs due to large number of vegetarian population in country. In 2011, subway took the responsibility of improving the nutritional content of its products and thus introduced gluten free bread and brownies in Texas and cut down the salt content by 15%., in UK and Ireland it did that by 33% .Also its introduced its range of low fat subs , which is endorsed by Heart research UK.

It was started by Fred DeLuca with $1000 and name of first outlet was “Pete’s Super Submarines” in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In year 1968 it was renamed as subway. First store was on West Coast in Fresno, California and slowly its number surpassed that of McDonalds in US. In January 2015, Suzanne Greco took the reign of running the business as president and CEO from his brother Fred DeLuca, who has been working as CEO but was suffering from leukemia for two years.

In the year 2016, subway suffered net loss in some locations and thus closed hundreds of restraint in US.s part of itsrevampstrategy; it announced a new logo for its franchise in 2017 and redesigned its restaurant. The new designed outlets had features like self-order kiosk, USB charging ports at tables, new menu items like additional condiments and gluten free bread.

The company has 45000 operational outlets spread across 100 nations. The locations are highly concentrated in North America followed by Brazil, Australia and United Kingdom. Zagat survey conducted in 2009, mentioned subway as best provider of “Health Options”. It also topped the list in “Top Service” and “Most Popular Ranking” category. It was second in the list of “Top Overall” losing the top spot to Wendy’s.

Since 2007, subway has constantly been in an entry in Entrepreneur’s Magazine’s Top 500 Franchise List, Fastest Growing Franchise list and Global Franchise lists.

Need help with TellSubway survey?

If you feel that you need help completing the tell Subway survey, you can always contact their customer support.

Below given are the customer support contact numbers of Subway:

203 877 4281


800 888 4848

You can also reach them using the below given email address:

[email protected]


That’s all for the TellSubway customer survey, I hope you’ve completed the survey and also that we were able to help out. Do let us know your opinion about the Tell Subway survey and if you were able to complete it on the comment section given below.

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