Walmart Survey – Complete the Survey & Win Upto $1000! is the official website of Walmart Survey, in which their customers can give in their opinion in exchange for some rewards.

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So let’s talk about the Walmart Survey using here on this page. If you need a step by step guide for this, we’ve made one for you to complete the survey on this page, read on!

 Website Name Walmart Survey
RewardA grand prize of $1000 & $100 worth of gift cards.
Website LinkClick Here

Before starting the Walmart Survey, read this:

Yes, you need to read this first!

For completing the, you must be having the below given stuff with you, as these are required as a prerequisite for the survey:

  • Latest receipt from your recent visit to a Walmart store.
  • That receipt must not be more than 1 month old.
  • You should not be a relative of a Walmart employee

What do you get as a reward for this survey?

Walmart is offering a chance to enter the survey sweepstakes, where the prizes are:

  • A grand prize of $1000.
  • $100 worth of gift cards.

How to complete Walmart Survey?

Now, we show you how to complete the Walmart survey on Follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the official website of Walmart survey, first. Click the below given button for that. 
  2. Now, on this page, you’ll be asked to choose a language, either English or Espanol. If you want to follow this guide, choose English and press “Continue”
  3. Now, on the next page, you’ll be given some info about the survey. Click on “Continue” after reading everything written on the page.
  4. Your survey will start now.
  5. Next page, you’ll be asked to provide your birth year
  6. Now, you’ll be asked if you’re having having a survey receipt with you. You must have one, right? If so, click on “Yes” and press “Continue“.
  7. Now, you’ll be asked to enter the following:
    1. Store #
    2. ID #
  8. Enter the details and click on continue button.
  9. If you’re not able to see the store # & ID #, click on the link saying “Click find your store number“, they’ll help you with it.
  10. Now, you’ll be asked many questions about your recent visit to Walmart, such as:
    1. Store cleanliness.
    2. Staff friendliness.
    3. Availability of products.
    4. Speed of checkout.
    5. And more.
  11. On the next page, you’ll be asked about your contact details and more.
  12. After that, you’ll be entered into the Walmart sweepstakes, and you’ll be contacted on the contact details you gave earlier.

About Walmart

Based in America, Walmart initially operated as departmental, Hypermarket and grocery store all over the place. It executes its major operations through the nerve centre at Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart particularly operates in the areas of Canada, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. It in fact has a great reputation in Canada ever since it has been inaugurated. The date of incorporation for Walmart was 31st October 1969.

Walmart rules United States since 3 decades as a most successful jewellery store, retailership, and Employment generation chain. With the overall turnover of $ 288 bilion, Walmart has reaped enormous success because of it Skilled marketing strategies and work men.

Often referred as Temple Company, Walmart employs millions of people and generates a gregarious turnover every year. Also, it provides the best quality stuff within budgets that has resulted in dumping up of several compitators after its launch. Initially, Walmart emerged as a Book Dealer just like Amazon. However, later on it consolidated as a gigantic retailer and immediately put an end to target, home report and Kmart. People cannot get lower priced stuffs then what Walmart can supply. The company has not left any area untouched with its qualily service.


Sam Walton was the originator of Walmart who became the proprietor ever since the company got inaugurated. Just 5 dimes were enough for him to give practicality to be innovative idea. Currently, the same person has an income of many billions of dollars annually.

The conservative nature of Walmart helped to consolidate its business and reached the altitude of success. It has always remained involved in maximization of profits and benefits for all. Hence, acquisitions and mergers have always been a part of Walmart business strategies. One of the most primary acquisitions by Walmart included Hutchison Shoe Company 1977 point also it acquired mohr stores and later on Grabbed kuhn day stores in 1981. Apart from that company remained involved in several other acquisitions and mergers and kept on reaping success on different milestones.

The controversies

The success story of Walmart is full of hardships, law impositions and failures. Just like any other successful company, Walmart has also encountered a lot of negative controversies and laws on it. The gender discrimination laws suits was one of the worst case faced by Walmart. Also when the company provided jobs to everyone when there was acute job shortage, it was held liable for endangering the lawsuits.

Currently, Walmart has its name enlisted in some of the best retail stores of the world. People recklessly buy goods from Walmart stores without caring about the budgets as everything is fairly priced. Hence, the company has a truck fleet which helps it in further consolidation.

The current era

Walmart has acquired the areas of sweets and desserts along with enhancing the overall wages of the workers. Recently, the company has acquired a big brand named bono boys worth $310 million. Besides everything, it is giving a tough competition to Amazon’s consolidation towards food section.

Need Help with Walmart Survey?

Surveys can sometimes be confusing and you might need help. If that’s the case, you can get in touch with Walmart customer support. They’ll assist you with everything.

Below given is the customer support toll free number of them:


You can also contact them using email, given below is their email support mail ID exclusively for

[email protected]

You must have completed the Walmart survey on and enrolled in their sweepstakes by now. We wish you all the best for winning the sweepstakes. Comment down your opinion about them on the comment section given below, we would like to know!

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